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Password Master - Password Manager and Generator software

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Password Master can be used to manage any kind of your passwords and user names and any other information, include the passwords for emails, online services, programs etc. It also provides a build-in password generator to help you to create passwords.

In your "internet life", you need to create so many passwords for your emails, online services, instant messengers etc, you also need to create passwords for some programs that you don't want others to access. It is not an easy thing to remember all of those passwords, plus you have to remember your user names related to the passwords, remember the URLs to the online services (for example: MSN).

To use same (or similar) passwords to all of the accounts probably will make it easy to remember, but if someone got this password then it could be easy for them to access all of your accounts. You probably want to use some special strings as the password, such as your child's nickname or your birthday, this will help you to remember the passwords easily, but it will also be easier to someone to get your passwords.

The best choice is to create unique passwords for each account, but this can be tedious and hard to remember. If there is a software that can save the passwords in a single database (profile), and encrypt the database and let you set a "master password" for accessing the database, then you only need to remember the single master password. This will make your life easy.

Now by using Password Master, you will never forget your passwords!

Password Master is such a software that can help you to save the passwords for all of your accounts to a single encrypted and password protected database (profile). It not only will save the passwords, but also will save other information as you want: the user names, the URLs or the path to the programs etc.

And you can create unique passwords for each account easily.

Password Master will help you to create any unique password, it provides a powerful build-in password generator to help you to create any kind of passwords.

Not only passwords...

Password Master can save passwords, and can also save user names, related programs or URLs, and any other information.

You can create as many databases (profiles) as you want.

It is easy to backup your passwords, just backup the database (profile) files you created.

You can also print the accounts and passwords, or export them to a text file.

Password Master allows you to print the password items in the database, or export the password items to text document. the exported text document can be imported by many database programs such as MS-Excel.


Download Now:

Feel free to download the FREE TRIAL of Password Master for testing. It is easy to download the software because such a powerful software its size is only about 300KB, it will not waste your internet bandwidth.


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