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XSearch - Classic search tool with more features

XSearch main window
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XSearch is a classic search tool with more features Windows Search does not provide. It works in classic way: no indexing service keeps scanning your files continuously in background.

It supports to search for files by file name, size, date time and words. Unlike in Windows Search, you can specify the exact size (Byte, KB, MB or GB), the exact date and/or time, and the different date time (Modified, Created, Last Visited).

You can specify the word or file name options such as "Any", "All", "Exact phrase", "Without" etc., and case sensitive, hexadecimal value, UTF8 and Unicode.

The HexView tool included in XSearch allows you to view files in hexadecimal, it acts like a read-only editor, and supports large files.

XSearch is freeware, your donations mean a lot to us. Donate to XSearch to help us improve the software.

Why XSearch?

Why do I need XSearch if there is already the Windows Search, Google Desktop Search and so on?

No indexing service

Today, those modern search tools prefer to use indexing services, to keep scanning your files continuously in background. It's a good idea, searches will be more than faster. But some just doesn't like the background operations, they want to use a search tool to find the files they want only when they need to, as the old Windows Search did in Windows 98/2000.

XSearch is a classic search tool without need of indexing service. In addition, it can be used directly without the need of installing, configuring.

More options

From time to time, we may need additional options to do more complex searches, more than the Windows Search can provide, such as finding the files in exact size, date time, or using advanced filters in file names, and so on.

XSearch provides many useful options that you will need but the Windows search doesn't provide.

More options when search by file names or words

When search for words in files, or search by file names, XSearch supports to specify multiple words, those words can be separated by spaces, and you can use one of the following options to tell XSearch how to use them:

You can also use wildcard characters in file name parts, such as *.txt, myfile.* or a?c.exe.

* It's also possible to exclude file names by using -"stringtoexclude", for more information please read the online help.

Case sensitive

You can specify whether or not to do the case sensitive search for file names and/or words.

Search in hexadecimal

XSearch supports to search words in hexadecimal, and there can also be multiple hexadecimal values, such as: "F8D6 7E6C35".

Unicode and UTF8 in words search

When search for words in files, XSearch can also search the words in Unicode and UTF8. You enable this option, XSearch will try to search for the words in ANSI, Unicode, and UTF8.

Search files by specific size

Windows Search will only allow you to search files "large than..." or "less than..." specified size, even you choose "Specify Size" you still can not specify an exact size for searching.

XSearch allows you to specify the size in bytes, KB, MB or GB, it provides two size areas, you can combine those two sizes with the following logic options:

With those options, you can specify the size, or a range of sizes. For example:

Search files by specific date and/or time

Windows Search will only let you specify the date, you can not search files by time only. XSearch allows you to specify only the date, or date and time, or only the time.

When search files by date time, you can specify the created, modified, or last visited date time.

So, it's possible to find files:

Like the size options, XSearch also provides two date time areas to let you specify the date time options. So you can specify the date time options such as:

Advanced options

With these advanced options, it can perform special tasks. For examples, get all read-only files, or get all files those are not read-only.

By default XSearch will show you all found files and folders, as the Windows Search does. If you disable the option Include folders in result, then it won't show the found folders.

HexView tool

HexView window
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XSearch provides a HexView tool, you can use it to view any file in hexadecimal. It acts like a read-only editor, you can use it to do search in the opened file, copy all or any of the contents to clipboard.

With its buffering technology, you can open huge files (2GB for example) in seconds.

Like the main program, HexView also support to search words in ANSI, UTF8, Unicode or hexadecimal.

Multiple names, words and folders

XSearch supports multiple names, words and folders. To separate words or names, use SPACE; to separate folders, use the character |. For examples:

XSearch supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7, both 32- and 64-bit edition.

You will find many more features during using the software, such as drag and drop, autocomplete feature etc. XSearch works like a Windows Explorer window, you can drag found files to the desktop, programs, or any location, you can delete, copy, cut or rename the found files, copy or move selected files to a folder.

Please feel free to download the software and use it, it is free for non-commercial use.

Download XSearch (xsearch.exe), it does not need to be installed, you can use it directly.

The Zip archive of XSearch (xsearch.zip) contains an additional file for more advanced usage, recommended download.

XSearch 0.23 Free

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7/8

XSearch updated to version 0.23, the Group By and Tiles will be enabled if possible even the system visual style is disabled. Read the changelog for more information.



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